“NOTARUNNER”–Not a runner?  Hey? I’m not a runner, too!  Want to be “Not a Runner”, with me and train for the half marathon? True “Runners” love it!  They get a “high” I haven’t gotten.  They know the lingo.  They know how many miles they went or need to go and they know how many minutes per mile—or is it “K”?  Yep–“Did the 10K”, “training for the “half”, doing the “full”–sheesh!  […]

1/2 Marathon–who?! Me?!!!

Yep–it’s that time of year!  Time to begin setting some goals, making some resolutions and sticking to them.  January?  Nope! It’s about 3 months until the Fox Cities Marathon and Ellipse members start rumbling about giving it a try!  I’m here to say… YOU CAN DO IT!  Do I consider myself a running expert?  NO!  Do I love to run and can’t believe there are days I go without and seriously miss it?  NO! […]

Get Back On!

My ten year old fell off a horse yesterday.  TWICE!  She’s not a”horse person” she’s a girl who likes horses and is indulging in learning more about them with a riding lesson 1-2x a week this summer.  She did this last summer, too.  But, to date, hasn’t fallen off.  Well, yesterday she did. TWICE! Ya know what?  She got back back on.  At first, she thought about it.  But then, she […]

Week 2 AMP’D Email

> Hi All! We are plowing through the second week of AMP’D and your energy is incredible! WOW! Are you changing? Can you feel it? Inside as well as out? Mentally as well as physically? Are you stronger in your attitude as well as your body? The next 10 weeks can be LIFE-CHANGING – its up to you to embrace the process and embrace the change. So – let’s talk about goals. Do […]

Thanks, Kristin!

I know she didn’t “invent” this saying, but it’s one of those “stay with you” sayings…What do you eat when no one is watching?  Kristin Steede says this as one of her “go to” sayings in her motivational speech and I want to stand up and applaud her every time I hear it!  Hey, Everyone…THOSE are the calories that’ll kick your butt!  So, funny, I was at a great meeting tonight, […]