Plyometrics! A Boost to Your Backside!

The Demand for Cheap Food May Cost You

      Corn is used for many purposes in the United States. You will find it in almost every product on a grocery store shelf, lip balm, and your gas tank. According to the movie King Corn, each of us is comprised of mostly corn. By having a small strand of hair tested in a lab, it turns out that we are made up of mostly corn ourselves. This sweet product […]

A Tale of One Half Marathon

Having previously participated in the “Go! St. Louis Marathon and Half,” a weekend featuring foot races of many distances, I found it difficult in 2009 to leave the event off of my calendar entirely. I recently purchased my own fitness business, sent my youngest of three children off to kindergarten, and increased my volunteer activities in the community. My schedule was brimming with activities that my calendar simply couldn’t handle. […]