Sea Turtles… and Distractions that Lead Us in the Wrong Direction

Sea Turtles… and Distractions that Lead Us in the Wrong Direction

I read a great article by Jon Gordon, and I wanted to share it! We’ve been talking a lot about “laser beam focus” in a business mastermind group I’m part of, and I admit, this is a challenge for me! Too many things, too little time—the story of many of us! This article touches on the same topic, but in a way I think could prove beneficial to many. Enjoy!

Recipe Rescue

So many people are experimenting in the kitchen, trying new foods and recipes, and involving friends, neighbors and children in the preparation process.  Well-meaning participants in this process are often lured by landmines that explode nutritional benefits into particles that at one time represented a whole food but are now covered in fats, oils, and fillers.  For example, know anyone who “just had chicken” for dinner last night?  Sounds healthy.  Perhaps that […]

The Story of A Goose

Who is a motivator? Motivators are not just paid speakers, respected authors, or television personalities.  All people are motivators.  The question to ask is what message does each person convey.  The following story, “The Story of a Goose,” is a well-known story by an unknown author.  I use it often in any team building situation.  I first heard the story working in an upscale preschool in St. Louis City.  The […]