Ellipse Cheesecake Recipe

Ellipse Cheesecake Recipe

A Sweet Tooth Solution After all the hard work you’ve been doing in 2017, don’t you think it’s time you put some elbow grease into baking something that’s not going to sabotage your goals, yet allow you to enjoy that sweet AMAZING taste of cheesecake? If you think you deserve it, then do yourself a favor and go out and get the ingredients ASAP and create this cheesecake. The idea […]

How to Cut it Out With the Excuses

Having no excuses is harder said than done, especially when getting started. That’s why instead of telling you to have a no excuses mentally in 2017, we’ve got a few things you need to STOP doing, in order to help you START doing. 1. Stop waiting to feel motivated. Motivation does not just hit you like a train. It is something that is built. After years of exercise, and even making it […]

The Salad IS The Main Dish

Salads are only boring if you make them boring! We have 4 different recipes for you to work with as you continue on your New Year resolutions. Each of these salad recipes are easy to make and can take less than 5 minutes! Serving size is for one person, so adjust accordingly. The beauty of these salads are that they are high in veggies, fruit and protein while at the […]