Track Your Workout with MYZONE

Track Your Workout with MYZONE

We all at some point have experienced various levels of exertion during workouts. There’s the workout where you question how you are going to get home or if you are dying. Then there’s the workouts that you “did something” (always better than nothing!)…but yet you didn’t break much of a sweat.

Why is it that we think that the workout we barely survived is the best workout we’ve ever had?  Unfortunately, results are not all based on our feelings. Up until there were watches and belts, there wasn’t a truly reliable way to track how hard we work during our physical activities on a daily basis. That has all changed with the introduction of various new systems designed to do just that. If you’ve been around Ellipse in the last year, then chances are that you’ve seen the MYZONE system or have heard the craziness we stirred up during our March MYZONE challenge!
The MYZONE belt is a chest strap and monitor which is similar to a heart rate monitor. The system simply recognizes your level of activity during the class immediately as you are working out. As your heart rate rises and lowers, you advance through the various levels of exertion getting real-time as to how hard you are truly working. No more hiding in the corner and simply going through the motions….sorry! The longer you keep your heart rate in the higher zones the more points you would earn through the entire workout.

Although at the gym tracking of exertion is great, the MYZONE system actually tracks ALL of the activity that you take part in as long as you are wearing the chest strap. So if anyone decides to go for a run on the weekend while wearing the chest strap, that data is captured and stored by the MYZONE monitor. The very next time that you come in to the gym the in-house system recognizes the band and immediately uploads all of the stored data on the band. The system even stores your levels and data under a profile that you create online!

How awesome is that?

So the next time you are in the gym feel free to try the MYZONE system you have not already! We sell them at Ellipse for a discounted price. Now instead of basing your workout off of sweat or muscle soreness, you can see through your zone levels and points from the MYZONE belt immediately!

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