Success Story

Success Story

Alyson White

“I have been a member of Ellipse for a few years but until recently I was not taking full advantage of what they truly have to offer. I thought that as I got older I would just not be able to obtain the body that I wanted (composition, weight, look, etc). I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and start kicking butt at classes and PT sessions at least 3 times a week. The trainers, and specifically Joe, make me accountable, provide me ¬†with advice and most importantly make Ellipse fun. All the trainers teach in a way that leaves me knowing why I did something or how I should do it. It’s exciting (and a little scary) each month to step on the scale and see what I’ve accomplished in the last 30 days.
I don’t think about working out as a “task” or “to do” anymore, it’s simply part of my lifestyle. Ellipse is just another friend I go meet a few times each week. When I walk through the door I’m walking into a giant goofy family.”

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