The struggle to end night-time munching (part II)

A few weeks ago we talked about the common struggle of losing control with food at night. It is probably clear now WHY this happens, and it’s different for everyone, but there are common themes. One of the most common causes of overeating at night is being underfed throughout the day. Whether it’s because you haven’t taken time to eat, or are purposely trying to restrict because you think it will […]

Can Crunches Really Hurt Your Back?

Absolutely. According to Dr. Stuart M. McGill, author of Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, spinal flexion (rounding the lower back) is a key contributor to disc herniations. Think about it. When do you “throw your back out”? Normally, when you are bending forward (spinal flexion). The exact same motion that is performed during crunches and sit-ups. The common misconception is that your core is only the group of visible muscles […]

Fitness After Injury

You’re getting to Ellipse, you’ve found your flow, you’re seeing results, AND THEN…out of nowhere, an injury throws you off. Not only can if be frustrating, but often times it can be discouraging or even demoralizing too. Thankfully, there are ways and means to get you back to full health and back in the gym. However, it is not recommended to rush back to the gym. Rehabbing an injury can sometimes […]

Our Need For Vitamin D

Did you go through winter without taking enough Vitamin D? We certainly hope not, however it’s never too late! If you don’t know the importance of Vitamin D, then definitely keep reading! Most people know that we get Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, aka “the sunshine vitamin.” However, during the winter we spend less time outdoors and in the sun. Vitamin D is also in some foods, but unfortunately […]

5 Ways Your Sabotaging Your Results

Getting up early, tying those shoes and heading for the gym....and yet.....nothing is changing... It’s very discouraging when you’re making all of these efforts and you’re not seeing results. The truth is that there is SO many different elements that go into making a change in your body and unfortunately, joining the gym and wearing new sneakers doesn't quite help you tone up or lose weight. Self-sabotage is not always [...]

How to Cut it Out With the Excuses

Having no excuses is harder said than done, especially when getting started. That’s why instead of telling you to have a no excuses mentally in 2017, we’ve got a few things you need to STOP doing, in order to help you START doing. 1. Stop waiting to feel motivated. Motivation does not just hit you like a train. It is something that is built. After years of exercise, and even making it […]

The Salad IS The Main Dish

Salads are only boring if you make them boring! We have 4 different recipes for you to work with as you continue on your New Year resolutions. Each of these salad recipes are easy to make and can take less than 5 minutes! Serving size is for one person, so adjust accordingly. The beauty of these salads are that they are high in veggies, fruit and protein while at the […]

The Triple Threat Workout

Good Bye 2016! Before you grab the champagne this New Year’s Eve, get this triple threat workout in and you’ll head to the party feeling on top of this world! This awesome workout will help you improve your anaerobic conditioning and burn a ton of calories while building total body strength. All you need for this workout are 1-2 heavier kettlebells. Perform the following 3 exercises in a circuit with the goal of […]

Physically Feel Good This Christmas

For most of us, Christmas gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling while being with the ones we love. Christmas also can give us that heavy, bloated feeling. Not making an appearance at your friend’s ugly sweater party or your family’s Christmas bash, is not an option. And you definitely don’t want to be dealing with tummy troubles while you’re there. Dr. Chutkan, author of The Bloat Cure, emphasizes the […]

5 Delicious Ways to Use Almond Milk

If you missed it, last week we discussed some of the benefits of almond milk. This week, we want to share with you a few ways to utilize this delicious and healthy ingredient. Smoothies – Almond Milk is the perfect ingredient to add to a smoothie. It contains less sugar than most yogurt, and provides a smooth, more thick consistency than just using water. Add 8 oz to your smoothie mix […]