Track Your Workout with MYZONE

We all at some point have experienced various levels of exertion during workouts. There’s the workout where you question how you are going to get home or if you are dying. Then there’s the workouts that you “did something” (always better than nothing!)…but yet you didn’t break much of a sweat. Why is it that we think that the workout we barely survived is the best workout we’ve ever had? […]

The Triple Threat Workout

Good Bye 2016! Before you grab the champagne this New Year’s Eve, get this triple threat workout in and you’ll head to the party feeling on top of this world! This awesome workout will help you improve your anaerobic conditioning and burn a ton of calories while building total body strength. All you need for this workout are 1-2 heavier kettlebells. Perform the following 3 exercises in a circuit with the goal of […]