Our Club


The first Ellipse studio opened in 2002 in Appleton, Wisconsin based on the vision of Ellipse Fitness creator, Lisa Welko. Fourteen years later, Ellipse has franchised and licensed its’ unique programs to six franchised fitness centers across the Midwest. Our Milwaukee Third Ward location opened in 2010. One year later, present owner Ashley Haag, stepped in and the gym has been on the rise ever since!


At Ellipse, our unique approach and fitness programs encompass a full-body workout in a group format, guided by coaches who ensure that each member gets the most from their workout and are consistently improving in form, strength, and confidence.

Ellipse coaches lead members through a series of ever-changing movements designed to train the body the way it was meant to move! You’ll push, pull and hinge, kick and bend. All designed to train the body to its best functional abilities, the way we were designed to move as people. Our bodies’ muscle groups work together to develop spot-on form and complete full-body strength.

Exercises and movements change for every session to keep the body responding and moving to ensure that members never get bored. The movements are not complicated and there is no choreography to memorize. Large or small group formats provide a fun, stress-free environment with like-minded people who share similar goals and a sense of accomplishment.


ellipse fitness five pillars of fitness


Sweat Angels
At Ellipse Fitness Milwaukee Third Ward we believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the community and even the world. Our studio is proud to call ourselves a member of the Sweat Angels organization. In being a Sweat Angel as a fitness facility, we partner with a different non-­‐for-­‐profit organizations each month that donates to the cause that is the theme of the month. Our members and guests check-­‐in on Facebook every time they workout and in doing so, the numbers are added up and the cause receives extra benefits for that month! It’s simple and life changing all in one. We are humbled by our success with this program and are so very thankful to our Ellipsers that take part in giving back with us every month! After all, we are much stronger together!

Victory Over Violence
VOV is a 4-­‐hour fitness marathon we do as a franchise to raise money for a local domestic abuse shelter. As a franchise, we have been doing this for ten years! With donations exceeding $100,000! As a studio, we work with The Sojourner Family Peace Center here in Milwaukee to help raise awareness and donate to their families every year. Sojourner’s center is so close to our hearts and it means the world to be able to give to them year after year. This is our biggest event of the year and our members look forward to it every Spring! Every year we are able to raise more and more donations and awareness while sweating for four hours straight…something we love as a fit family!