Our Programs

Our 21 Day Ellipse Experience consists of: 

  • one on one meeting w/ a coach
  • 6 personal training sessions
  • functional movement screening
  • review and set personal goals
  • unlimited team training and premium sessions
  • follow up consult to measure results

21 Day Ellipse Experience

Before you become a member of our fit family, we encourage you to try us out! Think of it like this: You aren’t going to buy a car without test driving it first, right? So the 21 Day Ellipse Experience is a way to ‘test drive’ all that Ellipse offers. Our goal is to show you that we have what it akes to get you your results, but we know we have to earn your business first.

Personal Training

When you work with our trainers, we design a plan – a road map – to get you your results. Your core program is designed with your long-term goal in mind, leading to a strong and lean body. This isn’t a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all plan.

Team Training

There’s a science behind what we do to help your body transform. We combine high energy interval training plus body and weight training to help you achieve your goals. Our format will help you lose weight, burn fat, kick start your metabolism, tone and build muscle, and increase energy. Our workouts are fun and motivating. Every session is led by a certified Personal trainer who offers attention and support in a positive and fun setting.

The best part is our workouts are always changing, helping to keep your body always adapting and challenged. You’ll be kickboxing, kettle bell- swinging, and TRX pulling your way to a better you! You’ll get results and never be bored!

Premium Training

Great for people new to fitness, or wanting to amp up their metabolic effect, or build lean muscle mass. Our premium session do it all. You’ll be in a smaller class setting and either learn new techniques, fire up that metabolism, or try heavier weights! You’ll love our specialty sessions, we switch them up every few weeks to give you something new to try!

One on One Consultations

Whether you need nutritional guidance, or training advice, we are here to help!